Roasted Rabbit with mit Fennel and Rosemary


Cooking time: about 2 Hours


Wash the meat, dry it, and cut off unwanted parts. Add Salt and freshly ground black Pepper.

Fill the Rabbitback with bacon, close the body by needling it with the rosemary. Push the Rosemary leafes through the meaty leg parts.

Prepare the Fennel: cut off all the hard green parts. Cut in half, and remove the hard root part.

Prepare the garlic by pulling off the paper-like cover, then cut in halfs only.


Now get a broad oval roasting pot. Pour half of the Olive Oil (about 3 Spoonful) in it and heat it.

Then roast all meat parts in the oil from all sides. Turn over often. Then remove, put on a warm plate, and add Cayenne Pepper. Keep warm.

Pour another 3 Spoonful Olive oil and heat it. Add the Onions and Garlic and the rest of the bacon, and roast a small while, then add the fennel. Close the cover for a short while. Then add the olives. Pour in the Grappa. Add the whine. Put the Meat back in.


Now have a break. Have a grappa or a glass of whine.

After half an hour turn the meat. Maybe add some whine.

Before serving put the meat and the Fennel on a warm plate. Add the cream to the sauce.

Serve with green Tagliatella Noodles.

Give the same white whine with the meal. To your Health.