Meat Balls


Preparation: 10 minutes

Waiting: 30 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes

How to do it

Put the minced meat in a wide bowl, mix somehow, make a small dell in the middle. Add the eggs. 2 Spoonfull of hot (french) mustard. Peel the onions, cut in fine cubes, add. Mix all.

add seasoning. mix again.
Wash the parsley, cut the leaves, add. Also add additional herbs as you like. Mix again.

Now the mass can be separated and added different flavoures later, like mushrooms or peppers.

At last add breadcrumbs and / or coarse flour, until the mass is soft but not too humid. Check the taste; it must be strongly seasoned now (will get milder later). Then let the mass pause for half an hour (or more) in a cool place.

Form small balls from the mass. If you like you can also add small flavourings in the middle, like sheep cheese cubes, italian capers, anchovy pieces, ....

Roast the balls slowly in some lard or oil. I prefer a teflon pan for this, but some people use cast iron pans - be liberal ;)

Serve with roasted potatoes, green salad, and a fresh beer.