Westfalian Curly kale

what you need

how long does it take

how to do it

Wash the cabbage in not too cold water and let it drip. Then use a long sharp knife and cut the leaves along the rips.

Peel the onions and cut them to small cubes.

Now boild water (roughly 5 Litres) in a big pot. Then put in some of the cabbage leaves, cover it, boil it for some minutes.
Then use a skimmer and put it in icy water. Then let it drip. Do this in portions for all of the cabbage leaves.

Now heat a big wide pot and heat it strongly, then add and melt the lard. Then put in the onions and roast them.
Then add the cabbage leafs. Close the lid and let it roast a short while.
Then fillup with the bouillon and keep boiling on medium heat.

Now peel the potatoes and cut them to small cubes. After an hour of cooking time add the potatoes. Maybe add some water.

Add dried saussage an hour before finishing, smoked saussage only half an hour before.

The total boiling time might be about two hours.

Best served with a cool beer. Cheers!